Synthesis and antifungal activity screening of some novel 7–substituted –2–hydroxy–quinoline schiff bases


  • M. R. Pradeep Kumar Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, KLEU’s College of Pharmacy, Hubli – 580031, Karnataka


Quinoline, antifungal, two fold dilution, fluconazole, Schiff base


With an objective of synthesizing some novel, potent and broad spectrum antifungal activity having compounds, here some novel quinoline derivatives are reported. Initially 7-substituted-2-cholro-3-formylquinolines were prepared using well known Vilsemeir-Hack reagent method. These on microwave irradiation with 4M HCl yielded 7-substituted-2-hydroxy quinoline-3-carbaldehydes I(a, b), which on further treatment with different substituted hydrazides yielded the novel Schiff bases of quinoline II(a-f). The structure of all newly synthesized compounds was confirmed by spectral study such as IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR and mass spectroscopy. All the synthesized compounds were screened for in-vitro antifungal activity by two fold serial dilution method using fluconazole as the standard drug. Compounds II a, II b and II d showed significant antioxidant activity


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