A novel RP – HPLC methodology for method development and validation of aceclofenac and tizanidine pharmaceutical dosage forms


  • Adilakshmi Nenavath Bojjam Narsimhulu Pharmacy College for Women, Saroor Nagar West, Sayeedabad, Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Nellore Dharani Sai Sreekanth Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Sree Dattha Institute of Pharmacy, Sheriguda, Ibrahimpatnam, Telangana




Liquid Chromatography, UV Spectroscopy, Validation, Aceclofenac, Tizanidine


A simple and selective LC technique is chosen for the determination of Aceclofenac and Tizanidine in pill indefinite quantity forms. Chromatographic process separation was achieved on a c18 column victimization mobile part consisting of a combination of fifty volumes of Triethylamine buffer, fifty volumes of acetonitrile with detection of 230nm. Dimensionality was discovered within the vary 5-15 µg/ml for aceclofenac (r2 =0.999) and 1-3 µg /ml for tizanidine (r2 =0.998) for the number of medicine calculable by the planned strategies was in smart agreement with the label claim. The planned strategies have a sound procedure. At three completely different levels the accuracy of the strategies was assessed by recovery studies. The recovery experiments indicated the absence of interference from unremarkably encountered pharmaceutical additives showing %RSD below a pair of this technique was found to be precise as indicated by the repeatability analysis. All applied mathematics information proves all ways have valid procedure and might be used for routine analysis of pharmaceutical dose kind


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